Industry: transport and distribution

Transport and distribution are key phases in the industrial organisation. The timely
delivery of products is crucial to the success of a company.

Supply chain

The supply chain is the flow of industrial products that includes all processes in a production chain. Supply chain management involves the active streamlining of a factory’s supply activities in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

International transport

International transport

In order to control the management of orders and to ensure deliveries, it is essential to be very well knowledgeable about the entire international transport chain. Computerized and centralized management is the solution.

Freight solutions for industry

Freight solutions for industry

Sea freight and air freight are integral parts of a product delivery chain. Many solutions are available to companies, adding value to the supply chain.

Energy consumption in industry

The energy sector is an important and growing sector. It includes all industries involved in the production and sale of energy. This includes manufacturing, refining, extraction and distribution. As modern society consumes a lot of energy, this sector is very important almost everywhere in the world.

Energy consumption in industry directly affects every citizen through the cost of goods and services, the quality of industrial products, the strength of the economy and the availability of jobs. A factory uses many sources of energy, including natural gas, oil, electricity, coal and renewable energy.

In various industries, industries purchase electricity from utilities or independent power producers. Some industrial facilities invest in the generation of energy for use in their production line. The industrial sector uses electricity to run industrial engines and machinery, lights, computers and office equipment, as well as heating, cooling and ventilation equipment in facilities, more on

Industrial equipment

Material handling equipment

Material handling equipment

Material handling is essential in any industrial logistics project. Therefore, it is essential to invest in quality industrial machinery.

Packaging machines

Packaging machines

Nowadays, most companies invest in industrial machines dedicated to the automation of packaging processes.

Measuring equipment 

In the industrial sector, various tasks require measuring devices. Thanks to technological innovations, the tools for this purpose are becoming more and more reliable.

Production equipment for semiconductors

Nowadays, equipment to manufacture semiconductors and LCDs is essential for producing any type of electrical or electronic device, including computers, cell phones and flat panel televisions. Improvements in this equipment are increasing the performance of computers and the functionality of cell phones while enriching the lives of consumers by providing cheaper products, visit Eumetrys-Robotics for more information.

Industrial software

CRM software and mobility

CRM software (or mobile customer relationship management) are tools designed for mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

ERP software and business

ERP software and business

Today, ERP software is an artificial intelligence system that is essential to the resource management of thousands of companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Specialized software

With today’s dynamic business environment, companies need specialized software or mobile applications specific to their industry.

Industrial software

Innovation for Industry 4.0

As industry moves from physical assets to augmented reality systems, automation and data exchange are driving the smart factory forward. IT engineering can meet the diverse needs of business leaders.

The supply chain, a strategic lever in industry

In today’s economy, most industries are global in scope. The supply chain can be a significant source of competitive advantage, apart from rationalizing costs. Manufacturing leaders continue to face major challenges. A tough global economy, intense competition and relentless pressure to control costs are at the heart of their decisions. To remain competitive, they must choose their response carefully. This is why the industrial organization is introducing innovative tools to optimize the supply chain.

Companies have to confront two diverging needs: customer service and working capital efficiency, using a new approach to designing their supply chain: the supply chain, more details on

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