In the field of industrialization, laser processes are increasingly used thanks to their practical and financial advantage. If you want to integrate this technology into your production process, it is best to hire a company with experience in the field. In order to find an expert in laser solution design, here are several things you will need to understand.

Benefit from a tailor made in industrial solution

The use of an Expert in the laser industry is generally essential for the implementation of a laser process in your factory. This technology is in fact presented today as an excellent solution for optimizing the development and industrialization of products. It makes it possible to functionalize materials, but also surfaces and interfaces in order to effectively meet the requirements of your industry. The expert in laser technology supports you from design through project study to development and industrialization. To fully comply with your objectives and your business, the company will need to perform an analysis of your needs and then develop a tailor-made solution using the advanced know-how of its team. In addition to the study of the project, the company's technicians also assist you in setting up the project, drafting the specifications as well as checking in the event of failure and resolving any problems. In order to complete its missions and best meet the requirements of its customers, this expert company in laser technology also supports them in the creation of innovative laser processes and the operational implementation of equipment in the field. 

What are the processes used?

Companies specializing in the development, engineering and design of laser processes support SMEs as well as large industries. In addition to advice and study, this expert also ensures the implementation of solutions. It may thus be able to carry out different types of production, in particular prototypes of your project, pre-series (sub-assemblies) or even pilot processes. These are series productions that confirm the performance of a new process. In most cases, laser processes, offered by experts like irepa laser, are technologically high solutions. Their use therefore requires a minimum of mastery of the process, controls and adjustments. In this case, the company will have to offer you a training offer for process users. These trainings will focus on laser processing and manufacturing solutions, process control and quality, but also laser safety (or troubleshooting).

What are the services offered?

A laser process expert like irepa laser guarantees you personalized support throughout the design of your industrial solution and the implementation of the project. Its team also intervenes for on-site technical assistance, particularly in the event of a problem or blockage. It carries out a diagnosis, searches for the malfunction and then makes the necessary installation adjustments and operational settings. During the production of parts and the working of materials, the company also provides metallographic expertise of the process after laser treatment in order to guarantee the quality of the works produced. Finally, a laser solution expert will help you in terms of your investment. Knowing the constraints of your activity and the different processes available, he will be able to guide you towards laser machines that meet your ambitions. Once the process and the technical-economic study of the project have been validated, the specialist advises you on the choice of supplier and equipment and then accompanies you until the integration of new processes into your production process.