PRI Robotics is a company that is well-known to businesses around the world. It is active in the field of industrial robotics and it provides design, build integration services for highly complex and specialised robotic systems. It also provides first class support to an installed base of over 500 robotic systems. Its target market is very broad, ranging from the production of access control for a company to production for public transport. Due to its incredible expansion, various companies around the world have started to offer repair services for PRI Robotics

A qualified team

Some companies have established agreements with PRI Robotics to offer subcontracting services when needed. One of them is Eumetrys Robotics, a company specialised in the repair of industrial machines. You can find more information about PRI Robotics maintenance at The company offers industrial electronics and semiconductor equipment repair services. Its efficiency is based on the skills of a team of highly responsive and resourceful specialists. They will put their know-how at your disposal to offer you a refurbished robot in the shortest possible time. After being repaired, the robots must undergo a series of tests to ensure that they function properly upon delivery. The same company also offers robot reinstallation services after repair.

Thorough and innovative services

Sometimes you may encounter problems with obsolete sub-assemblies in your factory. Replacing your entire machinery would be far too expensive. However, hiring a repairman can be beneficial to you, as you will save money. Moreover, with the repair services for PRI Robotics offered by Eumetrys Robotics, your machines will be as good as new after repair. You will also have the advantage of staying with the machines you are used to using instead of learning to use another one.

An economical and satisfying choice

Despite its expansion, it is not very common to see PRI Robotics repairers. High qualification is required to be able to offer repair services for PRI Robotics. Fortunately, there are companies like Eumetrys Robotics to provide these services. In just three weeks, your worn-out robots are repaired and reconditioned so that they can be returned to your factories to work again. They are fully inspected at the end of the repairs and they pass a 24-hour repeatability test to ensure they are in perfect condition. The PRI Robotics repair services that this company offers not only save you time and money, but also provide more than satisfactory results.